I have now included MuseScore (music notation and playback) files for some of the music in the "Practice Aids" links below - they are the "*.mscz" files.

To get the FREE software, go to MuseScore.org and then follow the "Download" link. I've also written a (very) brief tutorial to help with playback and navigation controls - MuseScore Notes. The complete user manual is here.

The musescore files might be very rough at times, but they should at least be enough to substitue for plunking on a piano. Of course, if anyone makes improvements, please let me know and we can update the files posted here.

Title Performance Link Practice Aids Notes
An Irish Blessing - Moore Performance An Irish Blessing - Alt.mp3
An Irish Blessing - Bas.mp3
An Irish Blessing.pdf
An Irish Blessing - Sop.mp3
An Irish Blessing - Ten.mp3
All Concerts
Battle of Jericho - Hogan Performance
Performance 2
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-A1.mp3
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-A2.mp3
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-B1.mp3
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-B2.mp3
Battle of Jericho - Hogan.pdf
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-S1.mp3
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-S2.mp3
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-T1.mp3
Battle of Jericho - Hogan-T2.mp3
The second performance link includes an introduction by Moses Hogan where he discusses how he constructed the arrangement. Note that in the actual performance, there are some changes to the score.
Blackbird - Lennon,McCartney Performance
Performance 2
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney-All-experimental.mp3
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney-A.mp3
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney-B.mp3
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney.pdf
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney-S.mp3
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney-T1.mp3
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney-T2.mp3
Blackbird - Lennon-McCartney.mscz
The first performance link is closest to the arrangement we are singing. The second performance link is from the King's Singers, for whom the arrangement was written. They do take some liberties, but is a significantly better performance.
Dirait-on - Lauridsen Performance Dirait-on - Lauridsen-A.mp3
Dirait-on - Lauridsen-B.mp3
Dirait-on - Lauridsen.pdf
Dirait-on - Lauridsen-S.mp3
Dirait-on - Lauridsen-T.mp3
There are two sets of MP3 files here. The practice clips as usual, but there are also pronunciation guides. On this one, I tried separating the "lead" voice into the right channel, with the piano balanced and the other voices on the left channel. With that separation, you should be able to use your balance controls to adjust the relative volume of the lead compared to the other parts. Let me know if that is useful.
The performance is very nice, but it a good bit slower than the practice clips (and both are well below the marked tempi).
Hear My Prayer - Hogan Performance Hear My Prayer - Hogan-A.mp3
Hear My Prayer - Hogan-B.mp3
Hear My Prayer - Hogan.pdf
Hear My Prayer - Hogan-S.mp3
Hear My Prayer - Hogan-T.mp3
Hear My Prayer - Hogan.mscz
For the 3-part divisi sections, unless it's obvious who should sing the middle note, I've included it in both of the other parts. Note that the Youtube link is from the Moses Hogan Choral.
It Don't Mean A Thing - Ellington,Mills,Huff Performance It Don't Mean A Thing - Ellington,Mills,Huff.pdf
The performance link includes a couple of solo instrumentals breaks, but otherwise is the same as our arrangement.

I'm working on the clips, but this will take awhile.
Kleine Orgelmesse (Mass no. 7 in B-flat Major) - Haydn Performance
Performance 2
Haydn - Mass 7 - Credo (III)-A.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 - Credo (III)-B.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 - Credo (III)-S.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 - Credo (III)-T.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 - Gloria (II)-A.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 - Gloria (II)-B.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 - Gloria (II)-S.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 - Gloria (II)-T.mp3
Haydn - Mass 7 (II & III).pdf
The two Performance links are actually from the same recording (the entire Misaa Bevis). Each link starts the recording at the appropriate point for that movement.
MLK - U2 Performance MLK-U2-A.mp3
Neighbor's Chorus - Offenbach Performance Neighbor's Chorus - Offenbach-A.mp3
Neighbor's Chorus - Offenbach-B.mp3
Neighbors' Chorus - Offenbach.pdf
Neighbor's Chorus - Offenbach-S.mp3
Neighbor's Chorus - Offenbach-T1.mp3
Neighbor's Chorus - Offenbach-T2.mp3
Ride The Chariot - Hogan Performance Ride The Chariot - Hogan.pdf
No practice parts yet